Which Photography Style is Right for You?

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One of the hardest parts of choosing a wedding photographer is deciding which style you like! Do you like light & airy? Dark & moody? neither?! The decision can be a little daunting! So to help, we’re sharing a bit about each photography style! 

Which Photography Style is Right For You?

Light & Airy

This one is a classic! The light & airy photography style is bright and beautiful! You might enjoy this style if you are a true southern belle! These types of photos tend to be more classic and romantic.

Dark & Moody

The dark & moody style involves more than just an editing style. It’s also a shooting style! The poses are a bit different, and usually the images are darker with more contrast, and are usually a bit desaturated (the colors are not as vibrant).  

True to Life

There’s also a style called True to Life! This is where the photos are not too bright but also not dark! True to life photographers want you to remember your day exactly as it was. If you have a darker ceremony, they’ll edit darker. If you have a super bright day, they’ll edit brighter!  

Which Photograpy Style are We?

So, you might be asking, what about Stephanie & Christi Photography? Where do you fall in the spectrum?! 

Well, we actually tend to straddle the styles!  

We are the furthest from dark & moody, so if you are sure you want to go that route, we recommend Danielle Dziedzic!

At SCP, we like to keep things joyful & bright with rich, true-to-life colors!! The end result will depend largely on your decorations and colors and the time of year you get married in!

If you have a bright venue and a brighter color scheme with lots of whites, we tend to edit closer to light & airy!  

If you have more contrast in your wedding colors, we tend to edit a bit darker and richer! Especially when it’s fall or winter, you’ll see us editing with a bit richer colors because we just LOVE bringing out those fall colors. 

No matter what, you can always expect true to life skin tones with lots fun and of joy shining through. We love capturing joyful moments of you & your loved ones! 

Here are some examples where we have photographed more light & airy:

wedding photography in greenville, sc
wedding photos with a light and airy photography style in greenville, sc

And here are some examples where we’ve edited a tad darker with more contrast!


wedding photos with more contrast and bold color photography style in greenville, sc
engagement photos in greenville, sc

If you want to learn more about booking your wedding with us, we’d love to schedule a call with you!  Just contact us today!  

Happy Planning!

Stephanie & Christi


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