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Hi friends! We’re Stephanie Darbyshire & Christi Johnson, and we’re sisters-in-law and the owners of Stephanie & Christi Photography! We’re wedding photographers in Greenville, SC. We are so glad you’re here! Truly! We firmly believe that getting to know our clients is the BEST way to ensure that they have an amazing experience. So we’d love to tell you a bit about us!

Christi joined the family in 2017 when she married Stephanie’s little brother, Matt. Stephanie & Matt have 6 other siblings! Together there are 21 kids in the family and counting! When we all get together it’s a big party and we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Stephanie has been a photographer since 2010, and Christi since 2009, so we’ve been at this a while! We joined forces in 2022 to form SCP and we are so excited to serve couples together!

A Great Experience Starts with Trust

Want to know what the top complaints we’ve heard from people about their wedding photography experiences are?

It’s usually either that their photographer was disorganized, took too long to give photos back, or they just felt so awkward in front of the camera!!!

That is not what you want!!

We believe you should TRUST your wedding photographers. They play a huge part in your special day, and you’re entrusting a lot to them!

You want your photographer to be organized and give you your photos back quickly so you can share them with everyone.

How You Feel Matters

Most importantly, you should feel AMAZING when you are having your photos taken. We understand that it can feel awkward and stiff to be posed in front of the camera, and then there’s always that question of what to do with your hands!

As wedding photographers, we work with you every step of the way!!

Our Process

It all starts by sending you our 70-page bridal planning magazine that you get when you book!

This magazine is full of help from ideas in planning your engagement session to some important things to consider while planning your wedding (things that could enhance or negatively effect your photos from the day).

After that, we help build your timeline & photos list. Then, we ALWAYS deliver photos quickly – within two weeks!

And the best part?! We help you feel COMFORTABLE & CONFIDENT in front of the camera so you can truly LOVE your images and have the best wedding experience possible!!!

Christi is photographing a bride in a venue with exposed brick and columns. There are fairy lights on the columns and light coming in from the windows. Greenville Wedding Photographers ready to serve you!

Is there anything that worries you about wedding photography? What is one question you’ve always wanted to ask a photographer? Head on over to our contact page and let us know!

We have both experienced being on the client side of both wedding and portrait photography and know what it’s like! That is why we aim to give our clients the best photography experience possible!!

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Christi & Stephanie are sitting down and smiling at the camera. Christi is wearing a cozy white sweather and black leggings, and Stephanie is wearing a light blue blouse and black pants. They are both holding their cameras. We're wedding photographers in Greenville SC ready to serve you!

Looking for a Greenville Wedding Photographer? We’d love to serve you! To check if we have any availability’s for your special event, click here to inquire!

Best Wishes!

Stephanie & Christi

p.s. you can also find us on Pinterest and Instagram!

Stephanie & Christi


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We firmly believe that getting to know our couples is the BEST way to ensure they have an amazing experience. Our process is designed to put your worries at ease. With over 20 years of combined experience, the beauty of working with us is that we are both there for you 100% on your wedding day. We're more than a photographer and an assistant. We're partners who trust each other fiercely and you can trust us too!

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