Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Photographer

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Choosing a photographer for your wedding can be tough. There are SO many great photographers out there. How do you know which one to choose?

Here are 5 questions to ask your photographer! We’re also sharing some thoughts on why it’s important to get these answers prior to your session or wedding!

Whatever the event may be that you want photographed, there are some things that are important to know before booking a photographer. And if you’ve already booked, these questions are still important to know before your session so you have all the information!

Let’s look at these 5 questions:

How do you deliver photos after the session? Is it via online gallery, prints, or a mix?

This answer will tell you that they DO have a plan for delivering your pictures. We’ve probably all heard horror stories of couples not receiving their images after the wedding. Asking this question up front will ensure that doesn’t happen to you! It will also give you an idea of what to expect after your session.

How many photos do you include in your package?

Some photographers deliver hundreds of photos on wedding days or for sessions. Other photographers only deliver a certain amount and then upsell the rest. It just depends! There are pros and cons to each method. The important thing is that you know this up front so that you aren’t surprised!

How long does it take to edit the photos? (When can we expect to get the photos back?)

This is another area we’ve heard sad stories from couples about. We’ve heard lots of people say it took months and months to get their pictures back from the photographer. Life can always happen, and we understand that sometimes the unexpected happens. But a good photographer will have a backup plan for editing and returning a gallery in their contract. By asking this question, you’ll get a pretty good idea of your photographer’s past experience and plan for returning your photos.

Do you create a timeline & family photos list? And if so, what is your process for creating that?

This question is specific to Weddings; and is an extremely important one for avoiding stress on the wedding day! Basically you are looking to see that they will create the timeline and family photos list early enough that you won’t be stressed. And you’re making sure they will take initiative ahead of time and the day of. The timeline will foresee that photos and events are planned in a strategic way that helps the day run smoothly.

The family formals on a wedding day can prove to be a stressful part of the day. You’re trying to get through the pictures quickly, and it’s a lot of people to wrangle and direct! We think it’s crucial for the photographer to put together a shot list for this time (it’s especially helpful if it includes names of each family member). This will ensure that you get all the family shots you want, and that you get through this time as quickly as possible.

Do you have reviews?

We all have to love reviews! They are a great way to hear from someone else’s experience of a product or service. Reviews tell us if a company is trustworthy and tell us about their past client experiences.

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