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Welcome to the wedding venue series! In this series, we’re sharing some of the most FAVORITE Greenville wedding venues we’ve photographed. We’re starting things off with the classic, timeless, and always beautiful Gassaway Mansion!

The Gassaway Mansion is a stunning, all-inclusive, luxury wedding venue in Greenville, SC. We LOVE photographing here because it is simply STUNNING, indoors & outdoors. Want an outdoor wedding? You got it. Want it indoors? Yep, they can do that too. Plus, they’ve got a tent for receptions that is always expertly decorated.

They also do EVERYTHING for you. Florals and catering is included! You don’t get that with every wedding venue around! Plus, working with Colleen & Marc Wheeler is fabulous. We love weddings here and love any chance we get to see the Wheelers. They’ve done so much for the Greenville Wedding Industry!

Now, let’s get on to the photos! We’re going to showcase it by location

The Gassaway Mansion – Luxury Wedding Venue in Greenville, SC

The Steps/Porch

If you want a jaw dropping ceremony, pick the steps! It’s also a fabulous place for romantic portraits and bridal portraits.

ceremony at the gassaway mansion. it is a large house with tall, white columns. The guests are sitting outside in wooden chairs and pews. The ceremony is taking place on the steps.
wedding portraits on the steps of the gassaway mansion. The couple is embracing, kissing, and the groom is dipping the bride back romantically.
wedding portraits on the steps of the gassaway mansion. The couple is embracing, kissing, and the groom is dipping the bride back romantically.
bridal portraits on the porch of the gassaway mansion. there are pink and white florals behind the bride with large, white drapes.

The Atrium

This spot is PERFECT for bridal portraits and even group photos.

Gassaway Mansion - Bridesmaids in Blush & Gold Dresses Laughing at the Bride in a traditional, bright atrium with large windows
Bridal portraits on a vintage style couch in a room with blue tyle, a fountain, white walls, and large windows at the Gassaway Mansion

The Ballroom

Another option for the ceremony is the ballroom! You can also use this room for dancing/a reception area.

Ceremony in the Gassaway Mansion Ballroom
Reception in the Gassaway Mansion Ballroom
dancing at the gassaway mansion. The image is taken from the balcony looking below on the wedding guests dancing. the image is in black and white.

The Bride’s Room

The bride’s room is absolutely stunning!!! It’s timeless, classic, elegant, and best of all, it has great lighting!

Bridesmaids Getting Ready in the Bride's Room at the Gassaway Mansion. The bridesmaids are helping the bride with her dress and they are wearing blush dresses
A bride puts on lipstick in front of the ornate mirror at the Gassaway Mansion Bride's Room
The bride's room at the gassaway mansion. The walls are light blue and there are old wood floors. The bride is facing the window and the image showcases her lacy train.

The Grounds

There are so many beautiful places for portraits on the grounds around the home!

bridal party in front of the gassaway mansion. the groomsmen. arewearing light grey and the bridesmaids are wearing light blush. The maid of honor is wearing a gold, 20s style dress.
Bridal portrait of a bride in front of the gassaway mansion. You can see the castle-esque tower of the mansion in the background. It's summertime and the greenery is vibrant.
Joyful bridal portraits at the gassaway mansion. The bride is smiling to the right and her veil is flying in the wind. You can see her pink peonies in the foreground.

The Staircase

The staircase is a great spot to capture some classic portraits or those in-between candid moments that make you teary-eyed, like this dad getting ready to escort his daughter down the aisle.

staircase at the gassaway mansion. The bride is posing in front of a grand staircase in black & white.

The Reception Tent

The Gassaway Mansion Reception Tent is absolutely STUNNING! You’ve never seen a tent look this good!

wedding reception tent at the gassaway mansion. The table coverings are navy and gold and there is stunning drapery everywhere in cream and navy.
reception at the gassaway mansion. This black and white image shows the couple sitting during the toasts looking at each other. The drapery hanging all over the tent frames the couple in the middle.

Indoor Reception Areas

Last but not least, there are some beautiful reception areas indoors!

reception at the gassaway mansion. There are forals hanging from the ceiling in this elegant, stone-walled room.
cake cutting at the gassaway mansion. the bride and groom are cutting the cake with the guests behind them.

They truly have it all! If you’re looking for a wedding fit for royalty, look no further than The Gassaway Mansion!

We are absolutely itching to photograph another wedding at The Gassaway Mansion. Will yours be next? Contact us today!

Stephanie & Christi


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