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One of the biggest parts of planning a photoshoot is deciding on a location! I love helping my clients pick the best location for their shoot. To make it super easy for my clients to pick their favorite location, I’ve written a few blog posts with some of my favorite spots. Check out my previous posts on nature locations, mountainous locations, and locations on college campuses! I decided it was high time that I make a post on downtown locations! Initially I wanted to include both Downtown Greer and Downtown Greenville into one post called “downtown locations.” But as I began preparing, I realized that I had TONS of spots that I liked in each location! So I decided to devote a full post to each area. So today I’m sharing my list of my favorite Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations!

Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

Greenville has SO many options when it comes to locations!! There are gorgeous parks, fun cityscapes, and fabulous coffee shops too! I am so proud to be a Greenville native! Keep reading for some suggestions for your next photoshoot! Feel free to mix and match locations too! Your Downtown Greenville Photoshoot will be one you’ll remember forever! I’ve pulled out all the stops for you guys today because I went way back to 2013 for some of these images!!! That’s right. Not only will you get to see some photoshoot locations, but you’ll kind of get to see the evolution of my photography too, haha! Can you guess which ones were from recent years and which ones were a while back? Here are my favorite Greenville photoshoot locations!

One City Plaza

One City Plaza Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

Top of a Parking Garage

Richardson Street Garage Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

I have to be honest, this is one of my absolute FAVORITE places to shoot in Greenville, and that’s why I put it first. Maybe it’s because this is where I go for coffee and a nice relaxing day, and maybe because it’s just. so. cool. Or maybe it’s just because I love the yellow chairs. Either way, you won’t go wrong if decide to do a session here!!! For Hudson & Erica’s session above, we did their photos near the edges of the lot without the cars in view and it was still amazing!! But if you want some romantic shots if you two walking in the empty lot, pick a weeknight!!

Downtown Greenville photoshoot locations.
Woman standing in front of a city backdrop.

Here are the same spots just after sunrise!!! Sunrise sessions are so bright and dreamy and I love them!

Falls Park on the Reedy

Downtown Greenville photoshoot locations.
Family portraits in a park.
portraits with greenery.
Falls Park Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations
Falls Park Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

Falls Park is beautiful in all seasons!! Liberty bridge, the area near Mary’s at Falls Cottage, and the lower part of the park are all lovely places!! Normally I recommend shooting an hour and a half before sunset, but if you want the falls in the background of your photos, just after sunrise is the best time of day!! Otherwise, the other areas are great at both sunrise or sunset!!

Outside The Peace Center & Larkin’s on the River

Peace Center Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

I love this spot!! The Peace Center is beautiful, and it’s right next door to Larkin’s On The River! The area here has some beautiful stone steps and walls. Definitely a great spot for group photos or couple shots and weddings, too!

The Larkin’s Courtyard

Larkins Courtyard Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

If you’re going to be near The Peace Center, you might as well check out The Larkin’s Courtyard!! You’ll want to ask permission before using this area first as it is often reserved for weddings and other events!! This is a great place for group shots as well because the buildings provide some even shade!!

The Wyche Pavilion

Wyche Pavilion Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations
Wyche Pavilion Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

Walk down the steps a little bit further past Larkin’s and you’ll find the Wyche Pavilion!! This is one of my favorite spots in all of downtown!! The view is so quintessentially Greenville. We can shoot near the Pavilion or near the steps of the amphitheater by the TD stage. We can also walk across the bridge and get some shots near the green bridge that’s there!! I have been itching to do another couple session here. Will you be next??

The Rock Quarry Garden

Rock Quarry Garden Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

The Rock Quarry Garden is so beautiful in all seasons!!! The top images were taken in the spring, and the bottom images were taken in the dead of winter on New Year’s Eve!! I love both looks! This is a great place for couple portraits, family shots, senior shots, and even weddings!! If you choose this location, it’s best to go on a weeknight because weekends are often swarming with other photo sessions going on or it may even be rented for a wedding!

The Sue Simpson Garden

Sue Simpson Garden Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

I found this spot because I had planned some family sessions at The Rock Quarry Garden but it was closed for a wedding, so I needed a backup plan!! This garden is right down the road, and I LOVE IT. The light here is absolutely PERFECT!!! It has become one of my favorite spots for family sessions downtown, especially in the fall because of this vibrant yellow tree!! It would also be so much fun to shoot a couple here because again, the light says it all.

Greenville’s West End

West End Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

Here is a session that I still love way back from 2013!!! There are more options than this at the West End too!! It’s a great side of town! We took these shots after doing most of their session at their wedding venue, The Old Cigar Warehouse! You can only shoot there by permission though, so I’ve just included these shots from the West End!

Head to a Coffee Shop or a Favorite Date Spot!!

Okay, this is going to be so much FUN!! Do you guys have a favorite date spot or coffee shop? Let’s go there!!! I’ll share below some of the locations where I have done photos! I can capture you guys casually enjoying a cup of coffee together, a drink, or a game of pool. As a reminder, for any indoor location we choose, it’s best to call ahead of time and ask if we can shoot photos in there for a few minutes!! Most of the time they won’t mind at all!! Greenville has an amazing food & coffee scene, so we are definitely not short on options!!

Spill the Beans

Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations


Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

Coffee Underground

Other Notable Spots for a Downtown Greenville Photoshoot!

Last but certainly not least, here are some other notable spots that are worth mentioning!! I just love exploring everything Greenville has to offer!! I can’t wait to do another shoot in Greenville!

The Coca-Cola Wall

Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

Various Buildings and Streets Downtown

Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations

The Balcony at Aloft Greenville

This balcony at Aloft Greenville Downtown is beautiful at sunrise!! Sunset too, but it will be crowded!

Ivy-Covered Walls near The Courtyard Mariott

Downtown Greenville Photoshoot Locations
Cool ivy-covered walls near The Courtyard Mariott!! There’s another one around the corner that is great too!!

There you have it, some of my favorite Greenville photoshoot locations!! And this isn’t even all the city has to offer! If you have a location that you’d like to do your photoshoot in Greenville, just let me know! I love checking out new locations!

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Happy Planning,

Stephanie and Christi

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